6 Tricks to Get Sold Out Concert Tickets

We all have those concerts that we’re dying to go see, but have no idea how to get tickets because we know that they will sell out a few minutes after going on sale. Do you want to know how to buy tickets to soon to be sold-out concerts? As addicted concert goers, we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to help get your hands on hard to get tickets for some of the biggest concerts.

Let’s use Justin Bieber tickets as an example. Let’s say Justin Bieber is coming to your hometown in a few months and you know that Justin Bieber tickets are really hard to get your hands on. Here’s what you have to do.

1) Look for the band or artist’s official fan club:

Did you know that many bands have official fan clubs that keep you up to date with all their latest news? Well, they almost always also give you access to pre-sale tickets. What does that mean? It means before all the other fans get access to the purchase sequence online, you will have a link to access tickets. In our example, Justin Bieber pre-sale ticket links are sent prior to the general public on-sale through his Bieber Fever Fan Club. This means you can get Justin Bieber or many other performers’ concert tickets before they are sold out. Little warning though, some do charge to be a part of but it may be worth it depending on how much you like the act, right Bieber fans?

2) Try the concert promoter

The concert promoter is the group, company or person who’s putting on the show. In Montreal, Evenko is the biggest and best-known promoter. They often act as the vendor of the tickets. As promoters, their goal is to get everyone to know about upcoming shows and get them to buy tickets. You can blame them for the sold-out concert tickets, but it is their job after all. So how can a concert promoter help? Many of them have newsletters that you can sign up to where you will receive updates about upcoming shows and links to tickets. Not only will you be on top of who’s coming to your city, many, like Evenko, send pre-sale links to give you 1 day early access to tickets. 1 day earlier than the general public, will give you one extra day to be sure you get the tickets before they’re sold out.

3) Win a contest

I won’t say this is an easy way to get tickets, but in some cases where tickets sell out really quickly, it may be your best bet. Many local radio stations host ongoing concert ticket giveaways either before tickets go on sale or close to the date of the show. CJAD Montreal for example has Evenko come in Friday mornings to discuss upcoming events in the city and they give away a pair of tickets to one of the shows they mention. That is on top of their regular contests in the mornings and evenings throughout the week. You may need to know your trivia, be clued in on random facts, do something crazy or be the lucky caller, but there is a chance of getting your hands on some elusive to-be-sold-out tickets. My trick is to dial the number in advance on my cell phone and press Send as soon as they mention the contest since they’ve give hints at it beforehand. Some radio stations hold their contests and the same time or same period every day, so it’ll give you a hint as to when to prepare yourself. Be ready and good luck!

4) Ebay or Charity Auctions

I’ll start off by saying it’s not the most effective way and won’t always be the cheapest way, but thousands of concert tickets are being sold on eBay on a regular basis. Some are by individuals, scalpers and even charities. Although rare are the times you’re going to get a good deal on tickets from resellers who often charge way more than regular cost (makes sense when they’re sold out), there are many charities who receive tickets from bands to help them fundraise. They will often list them on eBay but sometimes will only list a few on eBay and the rest on their own sites. Do some browsing and see what you can find. The Sum41 concert in Montreal sold out and I was able to find charity tickets at cost.

5) The regular way!

This one isn’t as fun or as original but it does work. Obviously, if concerts are selling out, people are buying the tickets. Find out when the tickets go on sale for your show. It’s often on Saturday mornings on lunchtime. Set up multiple computers. Head to the website as soon as the link is available. Hope you get a good spot in line. Wait. It’s not fun, it’s not guaranteed, but if you’re lucky you may get those tickets your craving. I often set up multiple computers and will hope at least one will get on.

Extra Tip: In person!

This one isn’t very common anymore but some venues still sell tickets in person at the time that tickets go on sale. Although it may be hard to find out, ask your venue if tickets will go on sale at the same time in person and if they reserve a certain number of tickets for will call ticket purchases. Some venues actually hold a specific number of tickets just for in person ticket sales and many people forget that there is still a world outside of the internet. Try your luck!

6) Be Social

Follow all the groups I’ve mentioned previously in this article on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Follow the bands, the fan clubs, the promoters and the local radio stations. This way you’ll stay up to date with the latest announcements and any secret updates. To dissuade scalpers, many promoters release extra tickets to sold out shows close to the event date and will announce it first to their social followers. The new thing that bands do now is take a couple pairs of tickets, put them in an envelope, hide the envelope in the city they’re playing in that night and take a picture that they upload to Instagram to send their fans on a scavenger hunt for the tickets. Guess where they announce it: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Well, those are my tips to help you get tickets to sold out concerts because I know how tough it is sometimes, especially when you really really want to go. So Bieber fans, try this tricks out to get your sold out Justin Bieber tickets. If you’re not a Justin Bieber fan (which includes me), these tips will work for you to! Try them out.

What is your tip to get tickets to shows you know will sell out?

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