How to get cheap flights to Vegas

A trip to Las Vegas can be a lot cheaper than most people would think. The city lives off of tourism and it needs to ensure that people can get to the city with the most money to spend as possible. Here are our tricks to getting cheap flights to Vegas.

Look for nearby airports

Big cities offer more flights to Vegas but also have more passengers and higher costs for airlines to operate out of. Look for nearby airports that may offer cheap Vegas flights. For example, if you live in northern New York state or eastern Canada, look at Plattsburgh, Buffalo, Burlington or Albany as potential departure cities. Some of these airports offer cheap direct flights to Vegas while others may need a connection, but are still worth the price you’ll save. Don’t forget to factor in the parking cost, but airports like Albany’s offer $5 a day parking, which is often much less than the difference you’ll save by taking your cheap Vegas flights.

Compare, Compare, Compare

The first site you check isn’t always the cheapest, nor does it offer every possible alternative. Check a bunch of different sites before giving up on finding a cheap flight. Personal favorites are, and Kayak offers a very useful tool that allows you to see which days and plans are the cheapest in a longer range than the 3 days most other sites show.

Find the cheapest flight on one of those sites and then check directly on the airlines site. You may find it cheaper or at a lower cost. I personally prefer booking directly through the airline if it’s the same price because companies, especially hotels, often give preferential treatment to their direct clients over ones from resellers because they saved the commission.

No thrills, no worries

You’re headed to Vegas, you don’t need a fancy way to get there. I’d rather spend the money in the city and take cheap flights to Vegas than pay an arm and a leg for 2 inches of extra legroom and a microwaved meal. In the US, have a look to see if companies like Jet Blue, Allegiant, Spirit or Southwest fly to a city near you.

The early bird gets the worm

Sorry folks! Like everyone, I tend to wait until the last minute to do most things. However, booking flights in advance is usually the key to getting those cheap Vegas flights. Ideally, 30 days or more in advance will ensure that you get the lowers possible price. If you can, look for sites or companies that offer a lowest price guarantee that includes a reduction in price from the day of purchase. This means that if you find the price lower on their site leading up to your trip, they will match it for you and refund you the difference.

That’s it for our tips to get cheap flights to Vegas. Hopefully, we’ve saved you some money so that you could make the most of your trip. Enjoy Vegas!

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  1. Kelly Rogers

    Thanks for all these tips. It is indeed a good idea to book early. You’ve just confirmed my opinion that booking early is still the best way to find lower rates.

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