Marquee Las Vegas at the Cosmopolitan Review with Cosmic Gate and Emma Hewitt

marquee las vegas vip review cosmopolitanFriday nights in Las Vegas propose many nightlife possibilities from shows to clubs. When in comes to nightclubs, the Marquee Las Vegas at the Cosmopolitan resort has made its name as the trendiest and hottest club in the city. Friday February 22 was no exception as DJs and producers Cosmic Gate and Emma Hewitt hosted the upper floor of the 2 level club.

It had all the ingredients for a perfect night. The lineup to enter Marquee filled the lobby level and packed elevators consistently brought hyped party-goers to the entrance of the top level room. Dressed to the nines, this club spells class as girls and guys aim to impress with their precisely selected outfits.

The first eye catchers as you exit the elevator will be the ladies at the bar serving drinks in beautifully revealing outfits. There’s no counter on the drinks and the girls aren’t light on the pours. My suggestion? Tip them well at first and let them know you’ll be back. Note: do this once you’ve decided on the room and area you’ll be partying in or the tip will go to waste. The big tip will ensure your wait won’t be as long the next time you make a trip to the bar.

Cosmic gate took to the main house room and spun the beats until early in the morning. The Marquee was booming and the dance floor was filled to the rim. It was so full, the bouncers had to stop guests from entering the dance floor and forced them to stay near the tables, booths or bars. We can’t complain though because it did make the dance floor cosier as guys and girls got closer together to “make room”.

Would I go back to the Marquee? For sure! We had a blast. The 2 rooms allows picky music aficionados the choice between rap/hip hop and house. Everyone looks gorgeous. The drinks are strong. It lives up the hype.

Negatives? I’m not a fan of the really small dance floor in the House room. It worked out well for our team, but it must have sucked for those who were blocked access.

Suggestions? Get bottles! It’ll hurt the bank but at least your wait will be less long and you’ll be guaranteed access. Get a group together, it’ll be worth it.

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  1. Marc Assaad

    Great article 🙂
    I’m trying to plan a bachelors party and was looking for a club for THE bachelors all out night and I think Marquee is the one!
    I will also follow your suggestions and get bottles!
    Thanks Gabriel

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