Papa Roach’s Tobin and Tony talk Dressing up as Kiss, Jazz, and the Connection Interview

I had the chance to hang out with Tobin Esperance and Tony Palermo of Papa Roach at Jacksonville Florida’s Welcome to Rockville. Enjoy my incredibly terrible hair day and first time in front of the camera for the interview.

1. What’s it like performing with bands you’ve played with in the past?
2. Do you change your set when you play a festival rather than your own headlining tour? How do you please both your existing fans and potential new fans?
3. Are there any songs that you wish you could play but don’t get the chance to?
4. What song would that be?
5. You just released Set Me Off online off the Japanese release, are there any plans for it in North America?
6. I know how the band was named but does Papa Gato’s Papa Sanchez have anything to do with it?
7. Tell me about the time you played on stage with Snapcase in Niagara Falls/ Buffalo for Dead Cell
8. Tony, does this Kiss Alive 2 album have a story behind it?
9. Have you ever dressed up as Kiss?
10. Did it influence your style of play?
11. Tobin I hear you’re a jazz fan and listen to Miles Davis. Can you tell me how jazz influenced you in your songwriting?
12. When making The Connection, you were listening to electro. How did it influence you? What are you listening to now and how will it influence the next album?

As a huge Papa Roach fan who’s seen the band 8 times live, I’ve got to thank the Papa Roach boys for their time and thank you for watching!

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