Simple Plan and Friends Annual Benefit Concert in Support of the Simple Plan Foundation

Every year the guys of Simple Plan unite in an effort to support their local and national causes. Together,  the band has raise over $1 million and continue to expand their efforts and the organizations that they support. This year was no exception as the band came together with their friends Coeur de Pirate and Les Trois Accords at Montreal’s Corona Theatre for another benefit concert.

The $150 ticket rewarded fans with hors d’oeuvres, desserts, wine, a silent and live auction as well as performances by the 3 bands in attendance: Les Trois Accords, Coeur de Pirate and the hosts of the evening, Simple Plan. The hefty price tag was worth the price for these adoring hardcore fans who were given the opportunity to mingle with the bands prior to the show as they hung out in the crowd taking pictures, signing autographs and proving that they haven’t loss touch with their city or their dedicated fans.

It’s not every day that you get to see this kind of fan appreciation from a band as well known as Simple Plan and even less often that you see one that gives back as much as they do. The concert was memorable, but the changes they make in both their fans’ and the people they support’s live, will have an ever lasting impact.

See them all in action in the pictures below and keep supporting their efforts by learning more about the Simple Plan Foundation.

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