When in Edinbourgh, Party at the Cabaret Voltaire

If you’re looking to party in Edinburgh, the Cabaret Voltaire is the place to be. It’s like your very own batcave as you head down the stairs and into the club. The stone walls and ceiling in this underground club bring out the city’s richness and history as you party to some of today’s top sounds.

Why I liked the club

Cabaret Voltaire Edinburgh

The atmosphere

The club looks incredible and is unlike any club I’ve been to anywhere in the world. Vegas clubs may spend hundreds of millions of dollars on decor, but this club took the natural elements around it, combined it with some lighting and set the mood with a dark, twisted atmosphere. With 2 rooms, 1 hip hop/rap/top 40 and 1 electro/house, you get all the advantages and choice you could need while still enjoying a “small” club environment. It’s no small club though with lots of room to dance on the 2 large dance floors.

The Staff

During our trip to the UK, we did our research about a ton of clubs in advance in order to make the most of our experience. The number one comment we read about most clubs was how rude and power trippy the bouncers were. It’s something we saw at almost all the clubs we went to EXCEPT Cabaret Voltaire. The bartenders, bathroom attendants and bouncers were all there to make sure we got drunk, partied, hooked up, danced, had fun and whatever else you’d want to do on a night out.

I wish I was able to come up with a negative for this club, but I can’t think of any. Next time I go to Edinburgh, this is where I’m headed. Just like every other club in the UK, it only starts filling up around 1am so don’t get there too early.

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